More than just a Game

Why is LiDAO Different

We have seen so many DAOS try and fail but that doesnt mean DAO is a dirty word in crypto. The main problem with many DAOs was that the only 'utility' of the token was to Bond or Stake, accumulate tokens..... and sell.

With LiDAO that is just the start! By becoming part of the Stake-Pool Online infrastructure, LiDAO investors will gain access to the host of Stake-Pool Masternodes and Validators (Services) run by the Stake-Pool team.

By investing in LiDAO tokens, investors will be able to convert their earned tokens into Stake-Pool tokens which can then be invested in Services in the Stake-Pool ecosystem.

LiDAO tokens converted to Stake-Pool will be burned, ensuring the supply remains stable.

Why is this good for me?

Whilst many newer Services have reasonable Total Cost of Ownership (TCO - what it costs to purchase sufficient tokens or coins to Stake in a Service) many are now hugely cost prohibitive....more on this later.....

By accessing Stake-Pool Services through LiDAO you get

-A preferential rate when investing, increasing your gains

-Access to Services you may not have the collateral or infrastructure to run yourself

-The opportunity to earn further rewards when opting to earn in Stake-Pool token

-Option for Auto-compounding of rewards back into Services (when choosing to earn rewards in the Service native Token)


We said we would come back to this.... so why is TCO important?

When investing in a Masternode, Validator or Stake Service, many coins and tokens have a minimum quantity that is required to run the service and then there is the VPS or your own infrastructure required which also needs managing, maintaining, upgrading etc etc. This can become expensive and time consuming. If we look at some of the well known tokens and the approximate cost to run a node:

Helium (HNT) - Required Tokens = 10,000 - Approximate cost of this $250,000

FluxNode Basic(FLUX) - Required Tokens = 10,000 - Approximate cost = $12,500

Elrond Validator (EGLD) - Required Tokens = 2,500 - Approximate cost = $350,000

As you can see the cost is to say the least, considerable.

So Here Is the Great Bit

The Stake-Pool infrastructure enables you to take part in Services like these but without having to put all that capital in upfront....and then you earn the relevant rewards for as long as you choose to take part....So the potential to earn is huge and it all starts with that initial investment in LiDAO!

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