What is LiDAO

What is LIDAO?

LIDAO has re-invented a technique used by the old central banks to peg its own LiDAO token with a basket of decentralized assets (e.g: BUSD ) which is stored in the LiDAO treasury. By having a basket of multiple assets, LiDAO is able to give its LiDAO token an intrinsic value (IV) that it cannot fall below and at the same time allow the LiDAO token to float above the value of the backed assets.

A differentiating factor of LiDAO as compared to others is that LiDAO will introduce a secondary Staking Service that will allow you to earn with the Stake Pool ecosystem which includes Master Nodes and others, we are also able to ensure longevity with the constant growth of Stake Pool and LiDAO entire ecosystem.

LiDAO also introduces unique economic and game-theoretic dynamics into the market through staking and bonding. Website: https://lidao.finance

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