Bonus APY

Part of the beauty of the LiDAO platform is how we reward our investors for remaining faithful to the project.

LiDAO has incorporated a bonus APY mechanism for our Diamond Hand Friends as part of Phase 1.

So as long as you are keeping your LiDAO tokens staked within the platform your bonus level is increasing:

Bonus Level 1 - Sprint

After 45 epochs (each epoch is 8 hours) staking your LiDAO on the platform without unstaking, your APY increases, earning you more LiDAO. You can still continue to stake additional LiDAO

Bonus Level 2 - Rocket

After a further 45 epochs you become a Rocket, earning you an even greater APY. As an added bonus, at some point you will receive your Stake-Pool Airdrop to get you underway and ready for Phase 2

Bonus Level 3 - Bolt

When you've hit another 45 epochs, you are now at the highest level of APY and your LiDAO is really working for you. When you have hit this level you are now eligible for your Stake-Pool token Airdrop allowing you to get started with the Phase 2 Services as they go live without risking your LiDAO stake. As a Bolt you will receive regular airdrops of Stake-Pool token as long as you stay at this level. Great work Diamond Hands!

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